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Warming (thermal insulation) of a roof peneopoliuretany (PPU) order in Taraz
Order Warming (thermal insulation) of a roof peneopoliuretany (PPU)
Warming (thermal insulation) of a roof peneopoliuretany (PPU)

Warming (thermal insulation) of a roof peneopoliuretany (PPU)

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Warming of a roof

All know that the roof is one of the most important elements of a design of any building. It has to protect well from various atmospheric phenomena, in particular from the sun, rainfall and the temperature phenomena, and also to maintain all external influences.

Approximately to 30% of heatlosses of the building falls to the share of a roof. For this reason thermal insulation and warming of a roof is so important irrespective of, warming of a roof of the wooden house, warming of a roof of the bar house, or warming of a roof of the frame house or brick is required.

Qualitatively it is possible to execute warming of a roof only with use of modern heat-insulating materials. The correct warming of a roof is a guarantee of comfort, energy efficiency and durability of all building.

Today the roof practically of all multystoried houses and production buildings and constructions includes several layers: at first there is basis, then vapor barrier, then roof thermal insulation, a concrete coupler and everything is finished by a waterproofing. This technology of warming of a roof has the mass of shortcomings among which the basic is that all these materials have seams, and despite their very high-quality and careful processing and the pro-soldering, the term of operation of a construction significantly decreases.

To solve this problem and the dusting method was developed by polyurethane foam. It is the advanced development in the field of warming and a simultaneous waterproofing of a roof.

Polyurethane foam is seamless napylyaemy polymer which term of use makes at least 30 years. Initially warming by polyurethane foam of a roof began to be carried out in the USA, Canada and Germany where began to think of how it is possible to spend heat power most effectively. Also it was so revealed that it is possible to reduce significantly heatlosses, and also to reduce use of devices of heating if as a heater of a roof to use such modern heat-insulating material as polyurethane foam. It should be noted that thermal insulation of PPU is convenient and favorable to that even a small layer of this material enough in order that reliable thermal insulation of a roof turned out.

The polyurethane foam even more often used to warm a roof is the only material which includes characteristics vlago-, Paro - and thermal insulations that gives the excellent chance considerably to reduce the cost of works, and as a result does it to the most economic unlike other materials applied to warming of a flat roof.

It is important to note that PPU which is so demanded when warming a roof has very low coefficient of heat conductivity because of what allows to use in 1,5 and even 2 times are thinner a heat-insulation layer, than at application of usual heaters.

If to execute warming of a roof of the brick house, or warming of a roof of the bar house, frame, wooden, it will keep heat, and also with guarantee will provide very good additional acoustic comfort. Density of polyurethane foam gives the chance quietly on it to go and serve the special equipment located on a roof. Warming of a flat roof polyurethane foam can be carried out both inside, and outside.

If warming by polyurethane foam of a roof is on an external surface of a roof, then it is very important to protect a covering from negative impact of a bright sunlight.

Carrying out warming of a roof of the wooden house, either warming of a roof of the brick house, or warming of a roof of the frame house, it is necessary to consider strictly those loadings which the roof will have to sustain: a huge number of snow during the winter, cold period, or people who will be on a roof. In this case it is very important to apply polyurethane foam of the increased density.

It is important to pay attention to processing of adjunctions and joints. Processing of joints traditional materials and in the ways is quite problematic. And unfortunately old methods cannot provide completely a long-term and qualitative guarantee from leakages.

We suggest to solve this serious problem of isolation of roofing adjunctions and joints. Thanks to a monolithic, seamless covering of polyurethane foam such leakages are simply excluded. Even in such difficult places as roofing adjunctions and joints, the roof which is isolated by polyurethane foam becomes completely tight.

What advantages the roof thermal insulation method by means of PPU has:

High coefficient of heat conductivity of PPU that gives the chance to reduce thickness of heat-insulating material which is used to warm a roof irrespective of, the brick house, bar-shaped, wooden or frame;

If you decided to execute warming by roof polyurethane foam, you have to know that the old covering will not need to be removed;

PPU easily envelops surfaces of any forms and configurations;

Roof thermal insulation with use of PPU is carried out immediately;

To execute warming of a roof, there is no need for any special preparation or processing of a surface;

Thermal insulation of PPU is demanded also for the reason that this material has a high rate of adhesion to all construction materials;

In coverings from PPU there do not live rodents and insects, this material interferes with distribution of fungi and a mold and is not subject to rotting.

Actually thermal insulation of a roof is quite difficult process, and only true professionals of the business qualitatively and competently can execute it. With a wide experience of work we have such masters, they are ready to provide the services quickly, qualitatively and on available cost.

Qualified specialists of our company will make warming of a roof of PPU irrespective of complexity and a form of a design. We work not the first year and therefore we know all subtleties and nuances of work with different materials. Believe, having made a choice for polyurethane foam, you will never regret!

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Warming (thermal insulation) of a roof peneopoliuretany (PPU)
Warming (thermal insulation) of a roof peneopoliuretany (PPU)
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