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Warming (thermal insulation) of the house polyurethane foam (PPU) order in Taraz
Order Warming (thermal insulation) of the house polyurethane foam (PPU)
Warming (thermal insulation) of the house polyurethane foam (PPU)

Warming (thermal insulation) of the house polyurethane foam (PPU)

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Kazakhstan, Taraz
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Warming by method of putting rigid polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is excellent warm and waterproofing material, found so broad application and distribution thanks to the small weight, excellent durability, low coefficient of heat conductivity. PPU is one of types of the plastic possessing cellular structure. Only 3% of the total amount of polyurethane foam representing a framework from walls and edges have sufficient hardness. The remained 97% of this unique material - the close pores filled with air and insulating gases which are the bad conductor of thermal energy.

Polyurethane foam is capable to cover various surfaces and architectural elements of buildings and constructions possessing the most various form: ledges, curvilinear niches, arches, etc. PPU possesses the high adhesion and big force of adhesion allowing to apply successfully it on surfaces with various tilt angle (even on horizontal ceilings). Thanks to excellent adhesion of PPU quite densely adjoins to various materials (metal, slate, a brick, concrete, RSD a plate and others), forming uniform structure.

Polyurethane foam represents the two-component mix consisting of izotsionatny and poliolny components. PPU - result of synthesis of these two components which are oil derivatives. Change of the modes of processing and a compounding allows to receive the huge range of the polyurethane foam coverings which are characterized by various hardness, elasticity, density and an other set of physicomechanical parameters. Our company offers the clients an opportunity of drawing a warm and waterproofing covering from any kind of polyurethane foam: rigid, elastic, integrated.

Advantages of warming by method of putting polyurethane foam

  • Polyurethane foam possesses a number of powerful advantages which is favourably distinguishing it from other insulating materials:
  • Low coefficient of heat conductivity (0,028 W / (mk)).
  • High speed of hardening (5-20 seconds).
  • High speed of drawing a covering (400-500 meters for change).
  • Possibility of operation in the wide range of temperatures (from - 40C to + 150C).
  • High adhesion.
  • Possibility of drawing directly on the warmed surface.
  • Elasticity.
  • High durability and wear resistance.
  • Excellent anticorrosive qualities.
  • Soundproofing.
  • Lack of fasteners.
  • Seamlessness of an insulating layer.
  • Resistance to influence of organic solvents, acids and alkalis.
  • Environmental friendliness and biological neutrality.
  • Resistance to emergence and influence of a mold, fungi, microorganisms.
  • Durability (30-50 years and more).
  • Economy of internal space (at the expense of the small thickness of the isolating layer).
  • Possibility of drawing isolation in hard-to-reach spots.
  • Small density (allows to facilitate considerably building constructions and the base).
  • Profitability of drawing.
  • Fire safety.
  • Possibility of putting paint on an insulating layer.
  • The guaranteed warm and waterproofing properties.

The warming method by putting polyurethane foam bears in itself an essential economic benefit and technological expediency, unpretentiousness of operation and convenience and simplicity of drawing. Practical calculations of use of this method yielded the following results: the saving of time makes up to 80% in comparison with other methods of putting insulating covering, and the financial economy reached 50%.

Warming scope by method of putting polyurethane foam

The excellent physical and chemical and operational properties of polyurethane foam which are successfully combining warm and waterproofing qualities formed the basis of its huge popularity and a wide scope. The device of warm and waterproofing coverings is used by method of putting polyurethane foam also at construction and reconstruction of residential and public buildings, and at construction and capital repairs of industrial buildings and constructions.

Application of a polyurethane foam covering for residential and public buildings:

  • Isolation of facades.
  • Isolation of mansard floors.
  • Isolation of floors (including heated).
  • Isolation of internal walls.
  • Isolation of external walls.
  • Isolation of loggias and balconies.
  • Isolation of verandahs.
  • Isolation of the bases.
  • Isolation of first floors.
  • Isolation of joints of building constructions.
  • Construction of modern production and warehouse buildings is impossible without polyurethane foam use.
  • Application of a polyurethane foam covering for industrial buildings and constructions:
  • Isolation flat (from a professional flooring or with the monolithic basis) and cattle (between beams, over beams, inclined planes) roofs.
  • Isolation of internal and external walls.
  • Isolation of hangars.
  • Isolation of production shops.
  • Isolation of capacities of various mission.
  • Isolation of refrigerators.
  • Isolation of warehouse.
  • Isolation of vegetable storehouses.
  • Isolation of garages.
  • Isolation of automobile vans.
  • Isolation of agricultural constructions and buildings.
  • The analysis of a scope of PPU in the industrial sphere will be not full without breakdown on concrete production spheres.
  • Application of a polyurethane foam covering in various industries:
  • Construction (isolation of various buildings and separate constructive elements).
  • Oil industry (isolation of oil pipelines, pipelines and stationary tanks).
  • Railway transport (isolation of cars).
  • Automotive industry (production cargo and cars, interior of salons, separate elements of tuning).
  • Rocket and aircraft equipment (isolation of fuel tanks, production of sound-proof elements, meteoric protection of spaceships).
  • Production of refrigerating appliances.
  • Furniture industry.
  • Medicine (production of artificial limbs, orthopedic footwear, napkins, etc.).

Environmental friendliness of PPU

Polyurethane foam does not emit absolutely any harmful substances as in the course of its production application of highly volatile radio fractions is completely excluded.

The styrene, asbestos, formaldehyde and other chemical products exerting negative impact on environment is not a part of polyurethane foam.

Environmental friendliness of PPU does possible use of this unique material (unlike the majority of analogs, for example, of mineral wool and expanded polystyrene) in the food industry, in medical and child care facilities.

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Warming (thermal insulation) of the house polyurethane foam (PPU)
Warming (thermal insulation) of the house polyurethane foam (PPU)
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