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Washing of pools and service. order in Almaty
Order Washing of pools and service.
Washing of pools and service.

Washing of pools and service.

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Pools on service in Almaty (on sanitary works, bowls of pools, ceramics)

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Cleaning and washing of radiators and systems of heating

I, the German inzhene - chemist, worked in Germany nearly two decades. Now changed the German citizenship on Kazakhstan to open the enterprise in Almaty.

I organized team of professional plumbers, cost engineers, engineers of OB and BK, highly skilled workers on ventilation, electro - and gas welders, electricians. With this team I plan to provide professional services in plumbing fixtures, services in service of heat exchangers and other installations.

Our company provides unique sanitary works with use of the new chemical reagent created in Germany in 207. Our masters are trained in instructions for use by chemical reagent and the specialized equipment.

Our team of professionals can carry out to the shortest terms:

- non - demountable chemical washing and a clearing of pipes of heating, furnaces, heating coppers (gas and diesel), water pipes for supply of cold water to the house;

- dismantle and installation of systems of heating, water supply system;

- installation and repair of any furnaces, washing of their heat exchangers,

- washing and cleaning of heat - insulated floors, sewerages outside and inside;

- washing of any heatexchange equipment from a scum (beer, wine, dairy stones), a fankoyla;

- cleaning of walls of pools and equipment for pools;

- routine maintenance of sanatoria, boarding houses, rest houses, various. constructions, country houses.

My colleagues at chemical plant in Germany produced new liquid on the chemical composition of "Premium Pur 212" and blessed me for work in Kazakhstan. I am a general importer of this product in the territory of the former Soviet Union (Customs union). This chemical reagent received the certificate of conformity in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Chemical reagent "Premium Pur 212" (Germany) is created in 2015 not on the basis of dangerous and poisonous hydrochloric and other inorganic acids and alkalis, and on the basis of safe organic hydrocarbonic compounds which it is better than other chemical reagents dissolve various deposits, without destroying an internal surface of pipes, heat exchangers, cars on pouring of drinks (beer, wine, dairy, production of vegetable oil, the sugar plants) and other equipment.

This liquid allows to wash out much quicker and more qualitatively different types of water and other deposits, at the same time by means of special inhibitors internal details from corrosion remain. Reagent does not corrode stainless steel, copper, zinc, alpax, aluminum, duralumin, bronze, cast iron, ferrous metal, etc. Today it is reagent, unique on the structure, the analog which is not present neither in Kazakhstan, nor in other countries of the Customs union.

It is very important that chemical reagent "Premium Pur 212" does not decompose fine details and does not dry rubber and other laying, and also it is safe for plastic.

Almost all chemical reagents which are used in Kazakhstan for today of Russia have dangerous and poisonous smells and when washing the equipment create corrosion.

Chemical Reagent "Premium Pur 212" unique on the properties:

- has no smell and toxic fumes at inhalation;

- gets divorced water, it is possible to reuse;

- it is safe for the environment as it is subject to bystry biological decomposition, and its salt easily of a rastvorima;

- at hit on skin does not cause an instant burn, it is possible without hurrying to wash away water!

Today we only which offer non - demountable chemical disperse washing of the heatexchange equipment, dry disperse cleaning of pipes of supply of cold water to the house, washing of furnaces (heat exchangers) and heating, cars on pouring of drinks of juice, oils, waters.

Everything cannot be listed!

I designed and brought together with soy colleagues the pump stations for washing of system of heating, for washing of the heatexchange equipment. The station shows how qualitatively there takes place process of cleaning and when it is complete. On the display all is well visible. By means of the video camera we will be able to estimate quality of our work of a vntura of pipes and in the heatexchange equipment. In our Republic of Kazakhstan, such opportunities our colleagues do not have this know - how.

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Washing of pools and service.
Washing of pools and service.
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