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Water disinfection

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VIQUA, Ontario, Canada - division of the Trojan Water Technologies company, is the leading firm making equipment for disinfection of water and is focused on providing customers with confidence and trust in high quality of water.

The UF series of the TROJAN UV MAX systems, the Line of production TROJANUVMAX offer model from A to J models of the UF systems about characteristics and advantages which allow the customer to make a choice of model in strict accordance with application. Model A, B4, C4, D4, E4, F4 are well-known in own way thanks to the unique easily removable and easily served design of a lamp and quartz casing. Are intended to model G, H, J for big speeds of a stream and are intended for commercial use at extremely small overall dimensions. Models of this series use many properties and advantages of the following introduced Pro series.
Technical characteristics of models A, B, C, D, E, F of the TROJAN UV MAX series
Technical characteristics of models G, H, J of the TROJAN UV MAX series

UF series of the TROJAN UV MAX systems, Pro10, Pro20 and Pro30 and Pro50 models
The UF TROJAN UV MAX Pro systems represent new generation in technology UF. Automatically adjusted power of UF of radiation of systems of new generation allows even to try to obtain the radiation UF power which several times surpasses the power of UF of radiation of systems of other producers at the end of service life. Falling of intensity of UF of a lamp at its operation or change of parameters of initial water is automatically corrected by the microprocessor controller. Automatic self-adjustment of intelligent TROJAN UV MAX Pro controllers is provided with a sensor of intensity of UF of radiation in real time, microprocessor control of power of system both the simple and convenient interface. Thus, in systems of new generation the most critical characteristic of UF of system - its ability to generate a radiation UF dose, constant and reliable for full disinfection, regardless of the changing quality of water or natural aging of UF of a lamp is considerably improved. The TROJAN UV MAX Pro systems use a revolutionary lamp of high UF of energy which as a result allows to create compact single-tube system which on overall dimensions is 2-3 times less than the predecessors of similar productivity. At installation of several (to 9) the Pro systems control of all systems can be exercised through the switching center COMM which carries out monitoring of a dose of UF of radiation in real time, shows history of all malfunctions, term of operation of UF of lamps and other eksplutatsionny parameters. SOMM the center can be also established when the Pro system is installed in the place, inconvenient for a review. At the exit of the Pro systems it is possible to install electromagnetic the valve which blocks the line of a water consumption at a low dose of UF of radiation or at energy interruption in supply, thereby, preventing use of the raw water.
Technical characteristics of the Pro models of the TROJAN UV MAX series
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Water disinfection
Water disinfection
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