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Water-filled hydroficated roller KVNG-19 (480 mm) buy in Pavlodar
Buy Water-filled hydroficated roller KVNG-19 (480 mm)
Water-filled hydroficated roller KVNG-19 (480 mm)

Water-filled hydroficated roller KVNG-19 (480 mm)

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandЗавод Автотехнологий
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Working width19 m

Water - filled hydroficated roller KVNG - 19 (480 mm ) for crushing clods, destroying the soil crust, rolling the soil, compacting to a depth of up to 7 cm of the subsurface and loosening to a depth of 4 cm of the surface layers of the soil. After rolling, the surface of the field is covered with a mulch layer of soil, which helps to retain moisture.

Pre - sowing rolling is carried out to retain moisture in the soil, crush large clods of earth, which is especially necessary before sowing crops. This operation reduces slippage and subsidence of the seed drill's supporting wheels, which improves sowing uniformity and stabilizes the seed placement depth. Post - sowing rolling is a necessary operation for moisture retention and ensuring contact of seeds with

soil, Such contact creates favorable conditions for obtaining an earlier and friendly seed germination, which is essential in increasing the yield when sowing in dry and wind - prone areas. Rollers are intended for use in all soil and climatic zones, except for the zone of mountain farming.

The skating rink is a trailed machine and consists of a hitch with working bodies hung along its width.

The rink consists of the following main parts:

- Central frame - steel 09G2S made of pipe 200x200x10

- Prefabricated wings with brackets - wings are made of pipe 200x200x10 steel O9G2S, brackets are made of steel sheet 16mm thick

- Consoles - made of metal profile pipe 100x100x8 steeloeg2s their

- Arc - made of round pipe 89x6

- Stretch marks with lanyards - presented in the form of a metal rope with a diameter of 16mm

- Rod - made of profile pipe 100x100x8 steel O9G2S

- Suspension rods - made of steel sheet 20mm thick

- The working body of KVNG is a cylindrical barrel, 4 mm thick, which is filled with water during operation to make the structure heavier, which allows better compaction of the soil.

- Hinges and connecting elements - which are hardened by heat treatment

- Wheels of workers - the width of which exceeds 400 mm, with reinforced hubs and axle shafts. The location of the wheels takes into account the row spacing.

- Wheels transport - width 250mm

- Slacks - made of pipe 200x200x10 steel OEG2S racks of wheels 8,

- Lifting hydraulic cylinders are installed 2 pcs. marking TsG 100.50x80.11 with a pushing force of 15708 kg. and a pulling force of 11780 kg.

- Storage racks - profile pipe 80x80x5 made of metal

- Racks of transport wheels - made of steel sheet 20 mm thick.


hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic cylinders are connected to the tractor's hydraulic system with the help of hydraulic hoses and breakable quick couplings. Breakaway couplings are not included in the scope of delivery of the roller! The hydraulic hoses are connected to the hydraulic cylinder by fittings. The roller is attached to the tractor by means of a hook, which is located on the back. There is a storage rack at the front of the sash. The roller is transported by 6 wheels. The wheels rotate on tapered roller bearings.


Type Semitrailer

traction class of the aggregated tractor 5 (200 - 250 hp)

capture width, m 19.0 no more

structural weight of the roller (#10% ), kg 7300

weight of a water rink ( + 1% ), kg: 10610

mass of working body big (#3% }, kg (empty/with water): 204/530

mass of working body small ( + 3% ), kg (empty/with water): 118/305

diameter of working bodies (disk/ring/cylinder), mm 426

number of working sections/hinged parts, pcs: 7

width of working sections big/small, not less than, mm 2040/1100

section track overlap, mm: 60, no more

transport speed, km/h up to 10

working speed, km/h up to 10

ground clearance, not less than, mm 370

Dimensions in working position:

length ( + 100), mm 7530

width (#70), m 20250

height ( + 50), mm 1350

Dimensions in transport position:

length ( + 100), mm 14600

width (#70), m 5000

height ( + 50), mm 2355

productivity for 1 hour of main time, ha / hour: 19, not less

soil compaction, g/cm2 up to 1.2

soil crumbling, % , not less than, clod size 25 - 40 mm 65


compaction depth, cm: 3 - 4

Water - filled rollers from 6m to 23m


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Water-filled hydroficated roller KVNG-19 (480 mm)
Water-filled hydroficated roller KVNG-19 (480 mm)
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