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Technical characteristics
  • BrandЖакко
  • ColorGrey
  • Outside diameter20 mm
  • Inner diameter15 mm
  • Pipe materialPE

Are safe in hygienic the relation:

Pipes and fitting conform to requirements of Gosstandart of DIN1988 T2 and the Charter of food. Sanitary and hygienic characteristics of the pipes and a fitting made by firm: are made from the Polysawn - through copolymeric raw material, does not contain any harmful toxic and cancerogenic substances, do not impact an unpleasant smell, relish and do not constitute health hazard of the person.

Sound insulation:

Pipes and fitting have the low noise level of a stream of the liquid proceeding on pipes in comparison with metal pipes and a fitting.

Service conditions:

Cold water to 20'C degrees and 20 atm.

Hot water to 95'C degrees and 10 atm.


As pressure head pipelines in multystoried buildings

All types of constructions for cold and hot water

Systems of heating

Systems of supply of compressed air

In the industry.

Chemical firmness:

Pipes are steady against many solventa. Gelogenirovanny hydrocarbons, some oils, wax make broad impact. To 30'C degrees swelling easy. Against strong acids, such as nitric acid, ozone, foamy sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide is limited resistance. Tests of firmness against chemicals are carried out in lack of mechanical influence and ability of swelling, losses of weight and an extract are carried out by an immersion method in test material.

Physiological characteristics:

Application of PPRC and connecting details is not limited within the Charter of food which according to physiological characteristics quite correspond requirements of the Instruction of quality of the Health service of Almaty of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Firmness against UF of beams:

In pipeline system for cold and hot water, they remain from UF of beams. For the purpose of preservation of a pipe on the open place during till 6 months, the stabilizer is added to composition of raw material. We recommend to store pipes and connecting parts in the packing in warehouse conditions

Shock - proof properties:

Shock - proof properties of pipes from polypropylene "Rand copolymer" our firm, conforms to requirements of tests of Gosstandart of DIN of item 3.5. Shock - proof properties of a pipe increase concerning a freezing point. Usually this situation belongs to all types of pipes from Polypropylene. During transportation of a pipe and connecting details have to be kept from blows. It is not necessary to throw them from the vehicle, and to stack carefully.

Quality and reliability:

Pipes and connecting details have the Certificate of Quality of TSE issued by Institute of the Turkish Standards. Polypropylene pipes for general usage TS9937 and Polypropylene pipes for cold drinking water and hot water - TS11755, connecting parts and elements from Polypropylene - TS11755

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