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Waterproofing materials

Waterproofing materials

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We are the only producers of the insulating materials "Turbo Sheet" and "Turbo Seal" in the world. Are performed by us and works on a waterproofing of the subway, tunnels, bridges and overpasses of the bases, roofs, walls and other elements of designs of industrial, civil buildings, constructions are performed.

Works are performed and are carried out in the USA, Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates.

We are among several companies in the Republic of Korea receiving orders, on the objects financed by the state without participation in competitions since there are no competitive materials and technologies in Korea yet.

Features of our materials and technologies are;

1. Self-restoration of the isolating layer, in case of its damage at negligent work or other factors. Material samozalechivat openings, rushes.

2. The possibility of performance of work at negative temperatures and a damp surface of the isolated designs, does not demand heating of materials and a surface of a design. Work in the closed space since there are no poisonous allocations is possible (there is no process of heating, drying).

3. Keeps solidity of the waterproofing layer even at destruction of the isolated surface - at shifts, cracking, sags of a design as materials are very plastic, with high adhesion, provide strong coupling practically with any construction materials. Perfectly provides a waterproofing in places of interface of various materials (concrete - metal, concrete - plastic, etc.) that in modern conditions is a big problem. Material perfectly proves at restoration of water tightness of reinforced concrete constructions in which the water infiltration connected with formation of the micro gaps between concrete and steel fittings which are formed because of a difference of coefficient of temperature expansion of materials takes place, and also oxidations of material the "friable", water-permeable layer of a rust around fittings is formed.

4. High tensile strength, viscosity, plasticity in combination with flexibility, resistance to hostile environment, provides durability and reliability of a waterproofing course.

The international certificates of conformity of ISO 9001:2000/KSA, 9001:2001 ISO 14001:2004/KSA are received; ISO 14001:2004.

Goods are certified and registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Are prize-winners of a competition of innovations of the international construction exhibition of 2012.

For demonstration of our opportunities, we performed works in Astana (No. 7 KNS) of 6-8 m lower than earth level, intake of ground waters to the machine hall which began more than 20 years ago is stopped and continued further, despite numerous repair. Works in a housing estate "Hai Vill Astana", namely on a waterproofing of shower rooms are also performed.

In case of interest of you, we are ready to a meeting for more detailed presentation of our company, technology and materials.

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Waterproofing materials
Waterproofing materials
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