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Waterproofing of reinforced concrete designs order in Almaty
Order Waterproofing of reinforced concrete designs
Waterproofing of reinforced concrete designs

Waterproofing of reinforced concrete designs

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Geomembranes - rolled polymeric sheets - 1,0-4,0 mm thick of polyethylene of high (HDPE) and low (LLDPE) density, polypropylene (RR), polyvinylchloride (PVC) and other materials, 0,5 - 4 mm thick and more than 7 meters wide which main performance data is water tightness. Modern geomembranes on the basis of polyethylene of the high density (HDPE) and linear low density (LLDPE) are issued with the smooth and textured surface. Are characterized by high waterproofing and antikorozziyny properties. Possess excellent physicomechanical characteristics. First of all, at contact with liquids the speech can go only about diffusion at the molecular level. Geomembranes are characterized by firmness in relation to the majority of chemical reagents (rn from 0,5 do14). Possess flexibility, shrink resistance, resistance to cracking and damages (relative lengthening under the influence of the maximum load to 850%, high durability at stretching - to 26,2 MPas). Resistance to ultra-violet radiation, to fluctuation of temperatures, in total with a high resilience to piercing, seismic stability are capable to provide the widest range of application of polyethylene geomembranes of use in all climatic zones. At professional installation the term of operation of designs from geomembranes - not less than 90 years.

Strict standardization at production of geomembranes - exclusive feature of this class of materials. Any of producers of polyethylene geomembranes is forced to follow the uniform geosynthetics of the specification developed by the International institute - GRI GM13 for geomembranes of PEVP (PND, HDPE) and GM17 for geomembranes of PENP (PVD, LDPE, VFPE). Therefore when speak about geomembranes - say not just about a polyethylene film, and about the product possessing a complex of concrete engineering characteristics.

GRI-GM 13 (Test methods, Properties and Frequency of Tests for Smooth and Textured Geomembran from Polyethylene of the High Density (PEVP).

GRI-GM 17 (Test methods, Properties and Frequency of Tests for Smooth and Textured Geomembran from Linear Polyethylene of the Low Density (LPENP).

GRI-GM 19 (Durability of Seams and Property Thermofastened Polyolefin Geomembran)

Geomembrane of Atarfil (HDPE)

High physical and chemical characteristics of the geomembranes made on the basis of polyethylene of the high density (HDPE) cause their application for the device of antifiltrational screens of hydraulic engineering constructions - stores of liquid and solid industrial wastes (including toxic), solid waste landfills, navozokhranilishch, artificial reservoirs, for a waterproofing and corrosion-resistant coating of concrete, metal and other surfaces, and also in capacities for drinking water.

Ik of the characteristic (HDPE)


Grounds of solid household (MSW) and solid industrial wastes

Waste disposal of all classes of danger, including toxic

Industrial pools - stores of liquid promotkhod, sewage, silt rainfall and so forth.

Storages of production of processing of agricultural economy and livestock complexes

Antifiltrational screens of a caret of reservoir parks of bulk freights

Artificial reservoirs - fire and landscape ponds, a rybokhranilishcha, irrigation canals and so forth.

A waterproofing and corrosion-resistant coating of capacities for water, including drinking

Waterproofing protection of the buried and underground designs, constructions and objects - the bases, multystoried underground parkings, tunnels

Antifiltrational protection of designs of the basis of road clothes


Universality. The field for use of geosynthetic materials of each type and their combinations extremely extensively. Functional characteristics of geomembranes provide them a demand at design and construction of storages of waste of various classes of danger and constructions as a part of industrial complexes. Geomembranes found the application in hydrotechnical and landscape construction - at a waterproofing of tunnels, channels, artificial reservoirs, at construction of soil protecting constructions, for engineering training of territories. On objects of construction engineering construction and constructions of water supply and water disposal.

Profitability. Use of geosynthetic materials reduces costs of construction and operation. Regardless of a scope, use of geosynthetic materials provides reduction of volumes of earthwork, use of imported materials, and allows to realize the project in the shortest term. Owing to physical and chemical parameters of a geomembrane it is possible to speak about increase in operational term of a construction.

High technological effectiveness of installation of geomembranes is that with a width of roll of 6-7 m the need for the thermocontact seams which are carried out by the semi-automatic welding equipment significantly decreases the quantity of the extrusive seams which are carried out manually on joints of panels is repeatedly reduced, providing the high speed of performance of welding works and an opportunity to provide the day productivity of high-quality laying to 12000 sq.m. The standardized geomembranes possess an excellent svarivayemost.

Efficiency. One of the most important characteristics of geomembranes - the fulfilled techniques of a pooperatsionny assessment of quality of materials and works - since certification of the raw materials used for production of a geomembrane, tests of mechanical characteristics of each roll and finishing on a building site with carrying out tool tests and certification of welded seams.

Environmental friendliness. Today use of geosynthetic materials is technology of construction of facilities of nature protection appointment most widespread around the world. First, geomembranes are ecologically safe materials. And secondly, besides based on their technical parameters, modern geomembranes are providing a reliable antifiltrational design capable in chemically hostile environment for long term completely to exclude a filtration and diffusion of sources of environmental pollution.

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Waterproofing of reinforced concrete designs
Waterproofing of reinforced concrete designs
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