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Waterproofing of roofs

Waterproofing of roofs

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Since the USSR in our country the whole baggage of the traditions useful, unfortunately, not always remained. So, following one of old traditions, both at construction, and at repair, a zdaniyagidroizolyation of a roof of Almatyit is carried out most often by rolled bituminous materials. As a result at least each 4-5 years, and sometimes and a thicket, a waterproofing the next planned repair is required! As a result of nonprofessionalism the new roof is stacked often directly on old and as a result, thickness of the formed roofing "pie" grows to 30 - 50 centimeters!

Similar "puff" design - very not a qualitative waterproofing of a roof of Almaty, and heat-insulating and paroizolyatsionny properties of such "pie" leave much to be desired at all. Besides bitumen is subject to numerous damages and cracking from influence of the minimum external loading.

More modern materials for a roofing waterproofing also possess the shortcomings:

  • Membrane materials have seams plus low mechanical durability - a small flock vorobyyov or the crows pecking seeds the covering can easily damage.
  • Use of polyurethane mastics and elastomeric coverings, solved a problem of seams, but these materials are insufficiently strong and their price is high.

Optimum the decision for flat roofs is polyurea!

The waterproofing of roofs of Almaty polyurea (a poliuriya, polikarbomidy) will allow to achieve the high-strength elastic covering which does not have the listed shortcomings, surpassing all modern hydroinsulators not only in the main but also according to minor characteristics.

1. The highest mechanical durability.

  • Having only fairly worked, you will be able to tear a polemochivina film so not only a bird, but also fittings and even a nail to it are not terrible.
  • The surface of a membrane will keep structural integrity even at 4-fold stretching, irrespective of temperature around!
  • And at the same time thickness of a film will make from 1st to 1,5 mm.

2. Seamless covering.

  • Seams and joints are absent completely, and at the slightest suspicions on defect of a surface all shortcomings are removed for only a few shares of seconds.
  • At change of weather conditions the operator can suspend works, and after to renew a dusting of the subsequent site, without seams joining it to previous.
  • The waterproofing of a roof of Almaty poliuriy, also guarantees high maintainability of a surface. If as a result of strong damage (falling of a branch or a meteorite) the roof cracked, then after repair of the damaged site a hydroinsulator it is possible to raise dust locally.

What speed of drawing this waterproofing?

Thanks to features of material, high-technological effectiveness of the equipment and professional approach of operators of our company for one change to gidroizolyatsiimozhnopodvergnut about 200 m of the sq. area. Full polymerization, as well as a possibility of full operation of a surface, will come in several seconds.

If you want that the waterproofing of a roof of Almaty was carried out by the most high-quality material about which, after a dusting, it is possible not to worry several decades, then polyurea - the fact that it is necessary for you!

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Waterproofing of roofs
Waterproofing of roofs
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