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Waterproofing polyurea

Waterproofing polyurea

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 Waterproofing polyurea

The waterproofing is intended for protection of buildings, the equipment and building constructions against negative effect of water, and also is a barrier from moisture penetration. One of the most qualitative, durable and universal materials for a waterproofing is polyurea. Besides, thanks to the unique characteristics, it perfectly is suitable for an anticorrosive covering and protection against mechanical wear of any surfaces.

Unsurpassed properties of polyurea:

·        high salts, alkalis resistance, to ultraviolet rays and chemical reactants;

·        bystry hardening of a layer within 15 seconds (full operation in an hour);

·        it can be used practically at any air temperature (to - 40 °C);

·        has excellent thermal stability (to +200 °C);

·        is environmentally friendly material, without solvents and a smell;

·        does not emit toxic vapors or volatile organic compounds;

·        the self-fading material, does not sustain combustion;

·        allows to process a surface of any form;

·        extensive color scale of a covering;

·        durability.

It would be desirable to note separately one more advantage of this material is an economy. So, having chosen polyurea for a waterproofing, you can cut the general expenses on 20% (in comparison with traditional coverings). And bystry drawing and hardening of a layer allows to save time significantly.

Polyurea scope

Application of a napylyaemy waterproofing polyurea is a universal and effective method for reliable protection of surfaces against water and corrosion. This material owns magnificent adhesion to concrete, metal, a tree, asphalt, polyurethane, etc.

Main destination of polyurea:

·        a waterproofing of a roof, roofs, a heat-insulation layer from polyurethane foam;

·        a covering of metal/reinforced concrete constructions which constantly are exposed to negative impact of the environment;

·        veneering of concrete capacities, pools, settlers, tanks, tunnels, etc.;

·        protection of external decorative elements, such as props, falls, sinks, sculptures, road signs, etc.;

·        isolation of steel pipes, barrels and capacities (both for drinking water, and for toxic substances);

·        restoration or replacement of the available facing waterproofing surfaces.

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Waterproofing polyurea
Waterproofing polyurea
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