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Wax neutral dense Bellinzoni Special Preparation

Wax neutral dense Bellinzoni Special Preparation

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Wax neutral dense Bellinzoni Special Preparation




Dense Bellinzoni wax is medicine in the form of paste for polishing of any kinds of stones. Represents the high - quality concentrated wax dissolved in nonflammable solvent. Thanks to high - quality components and the special chemical composition, medicine has the special polishing and protective ability, quickly dries that gives the chance in the shortest possible time to perform the subsequent works on processing of a surface.


Distinctive features:

Gets into structure of material (marble, granite or the agglomerated stone) and after a further natirka a metal sponge, a felt small pillow or a dry woolen rag the stone surface will be brilliant, glossy for a long time.

Medicine fills a time in structure of material and closes small scratches.

It is recommended for updating of polishing of the grown dull stone surface.

The wide color palette in which medicine is produced gives opportunities to polish and strengthen color of various materials.



Marble, granite, travertine, slate, tile, the "terazzo" agglomerated and artificial stone.



1. The surface has to be pure and dry.

2. Spots, a mold, crusts and dust have to be removed from the processed surface.

3. Apply a medicine spoon on the polished surface, evenly distribute, using a pure rag or the tool for putting medicines of a dense consistence.

4. Let's medicine dry within 10 minutes.

5. Further polish a surface.

6. For manual polishing it is recommended to use a metal sponge (000) without soap;

7. for bystry polishing use the electrical polishing machine (Fleks) at a small speed (to 2000 revolutions per minute) with the polishing disk established on it from felt or special fabric.

8. When processing floors it is possible to polish a surface by means of a floor polisher with a metal sponge or the polishing machine for a floor with the polishing sponge.



· It is recommended to heat sleb before processing for the best absorption of medicine in structure of material. This procedure will open a time on a surface of a stone and will allow wax to get into structure of a stone deeply.

· What longer medicine will be absorbed in a surface by, the best result will be achieved by that.

· To extend time of production of medicine, it is recommended to part it for 20% with the solvent containing turpentine.

· If medicine is applied to floors, be careful since a floor can become slippery. The Skolzkost of a floor will decrease at regular mopping. At the same time gloss of a floor will remain even after the numerous procedures of mopping.

· It is not recommended to apply medicine on synthetic materials, such as plastic, rubber, linoleum, etc.

· Before application attentively study recommendations on bank with medicine.



On average by means of 1 kg of medicine it is possible to polish 40 - 50 sq. m. polished or polished (the tool with grain more than 800) marble and granite, or 20 - 30 sq. m. of the polished or polished sandstone, limestone or cement.



Consistence: paste

Color: colourless (neutral with a white shade) black, red, brown, yellow, green

Smell: characteristic smell of solvent

Specific weight at 20 °C: 1,40 ± 0,02

Solubility in water: let's not dissolve, pH is not defined

Period of storage at 20 °C: 18 months in original packing




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Wax neutral dense Bellinzoni Special Preparation
Wax neutral dense Bellinzoni Special Preparation
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