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Within the International Central Asia Fashion exhibition results of market research "The secret buyer" were sounded order in Almaty
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Order Within the International Central Asia Fashion exhibition results of market research "The secret buyer" were sounded
Within the International Central Asia Fashion exhibition results of market research "The secret buyer" were sounded

Within the International Central Asia Fashion exhibition results of market research "The secret buyer" were sounded

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Business session became one of the main subjects of discussion of the business program XIV of the International exhibition of fashion Central Asia Fashion Autumn 2014: "Fight for the consumer in the conditions of devaluation". The founder "Retail - KZ" Anna Patsyuk, sounded results of market research "The secret buyer" (Mystery shopping) from whom 33 the shops of a segment, most popular with Kazakhstan citizens, a massmarket learned the place in this independent rating. Further the theory was supported with practice by representatives of large Fashion Retail of the company - "Almeo group", the operating officer - Rafaê Ziobrovski and the head of department of technical marketing - Lyudmila Yarkova.

Business session was opened the founder "by Retail – KZ" - Anna Patsyuk. She explained that the research "Secret Buyer" (Mystery shopping) was conducted by group of independent buyers who after visit of this or that fashion of boutique filled in the questionnaire consisting of 46 questions. Questions were taken up by the minimum requirements which can be put forward to the seller working in the sphere a fashion - retail. Object of check was the team of an outlet, regardless of the one which of sellers served the buyer at the time of visit of shop.

Research components: became: appearance and behavior of the seller, technology of sales and service where establishment of contact with the client, identification of his requirement, the organization of fitting, completion of sale enters. All objects of research were in Almaty.

- So, what average value of quality of service in shops of women's and men's wear in Almaty? - Mrs. Patsyuk asked audience a question. Unfortunately, only 65% ! Apparently books and trainings on sales, are persistently ignored by sellers of fashion a retail. High percent, and it means lack of problems at our sellers, in the section "appearance". At the same time the lowest indicators and an assessment "badly" in the section "clarification of need of the client". Most of the Almaty sellers waits until the client himself tells that it is necessary for him. Told – distances, did not tell – did not give. Some sellers consider that it is quite enough attentive to listen to the client, not to interrupt him, and it already – identification of requirements. However, it not so! Perhaps, sellers do not understand that the client has no motivation to make purchase in your shop. But it is not a mistake of the seller, it is a management error. The seller needs to give questions with which it is necessary to approach the client, and then to ask result. From the aforesaid it is clear, as such important element of service as "completion of sale" at us is very poorly developed. Units induce the client words: "You come to us still". If to ask such seller why he did not say goodbye to the client, he will answer: "At once it is clear, such client will not return". Really, why to it to come back? Too many ignore fitting, and will not dress the client, will not allow it to feel fabric and to get used to a thing a little – will not sell …

Research compared shops of two types: street retail (street retail) and those that are located in shopping centers. By results: appearance of sellers it is necessary to direct at the high level therefore experts advise heads of the companies forces to strengthening of technology of sales of sellers, especially in shopping centers. It in general very weak link as sellers in shopping center are sure available buyers without use special the technician of sales and special efforts for deduction of clients thanks to a constant big flow of buyers of shopping centers.

- Curiously, but fact: sellers try to come into contact with men more often, - Anna Patsyuk claims. – Considering that the lion's share of sellers – girls, here everything is clear. Though, apparently, the woman has to understand the woman better. However, welcoming the male client, sellers do not hurry to reveal his requirement, and in vain. Men often do not know the range of shop, do not know that they in general want. There is no identification of requirement – means, the probability of a failure of sale is high.

Research showed that almost none of sellers know what benefits are born by this or that material as far as it is convenient and practical as far as in it it is warm and cozy. Though it is enough to tell the client about properties of fabric or its components, and the probability of commission of purchase will grow many times. According to researchers, it is besides a management defect.

- Many businessmen want to have the universal and ideal seller, but it is a utopia, - Mrs. Patsyuk claims. – Ideal sellers do not exist! Complaint on the fact that in Kazakhstan there is no school of sellers, of course, are motivated. But creation of such school for all 100 percent will not become a lifebuoy. Tell the seller about your product, describe advantages. Step by step the ordinary seller will grow and will turn into that "the ideal seller" for your company.

Methods of the solution of problems in the sphere of sales a little. The first and the main - development of standards for a concrete product. "You should not copy standards from neighbors, it is all the same, what to hang up their logo in the shop", - Anna Patsyuk notes. Standards are created taking into account the description of a product, its competitive advantages, accurate algorithm of technology of sales. The second decision - control of observance of standards which is also possible thanks to the organization of own system "Secret Buyer". The third method of a solution is the organization of system of training of linear heads.

- There are no bad or good people, there is not that person not at that position, - the expert Anna Patsyuk comments. – By the way, not everyone wants to grow on a career ladder, to become "skeleton" of the company, it the role of "muscles" has enough. So before nominating the person, learn his motivation. There is one more danger: if the person is too ambitious, and you constantly advance him, there is a probability that to it it can become close within your network, and it will just leave. Option of improvement of quality of service is also development of the correct system of material stimulation. Experts believe that you should not pay percent from sales also: it is quite possible that growth is connected with a successful location of shop, merits of the merchandiser or buyer who chose the collection drawing attention. The salary of the seller has to be accurately focused on requirements to this position.

Further, theoretical part of business session representatives large supported with practical experience a retail of the Fashion Retail "Almeo group" company. So, the head of department of technical marketing - Lyudmila Yarkova told about the most important stages in the history of development of the company, defined the main points of growth, and the operating officer of the company - Rafaê Ziobrovski acquainted audience with the main, most popular types, service in the sphere of fashion ritet (passive and active service). He reported that further development of service in a bolshimnstvo of the brands "Almeo group" will happen on the way of passive service. Mr. Ziobrovski agreed with the colleague Anna Patsyuk that units of sellers can brag of good knowledge of a product:

- Really, it is very difficult moment, a rezyumirov Rafaê Ziobrovski. I would note also lack of favorable conditions which allow to make so that the buyer was guided in shop independently. In many Kazakhstan shops of the price either are not exposed, or differ from those figures which the buyer learns on cash desk. Naturally, from such negligence he is irritated. Even such fact as lack of the necessary sizes can demotivate it to purchase commission. In our company there are several important points which can safely be considered as criterion of success: an attractive show - window, the correct lighting in shop, correct and in time the exposed prices. And still - honest promotion actions! If the shop declares a discount in 70% , and it becomes clear that the goods are unavailable, the buyer will be very disappointed. We incredibly value each buyer therefore we always declare only honest discounts …

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Within the International Central Asia Fashion exhibition results of market research "The secret buyer" were sounded
Within the International Central Asia Fashion exhibition results of market research "The secret buyer" were sounded
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