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Wooden Canadian Cedar houses buy in Almaty
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Wooden Canadian Cedar houses

Wooden Canadian Cedar houses

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandPioneerLogHomes
  • Country of manufactureCanada

Samar LLP is an official distributor of the PioneerLogHomes company in Kazakhstan and Central Asia which is engaged in production of houses from a red Canadian cedar.

The red Canadian cedar is:

  • Very light material - 320 kg / 1м. cube. Wood of the western red cedar straight-grained, and a core is not subject to rotting. Thermoinsulating and quality sound-absorbing material. It surpasses in these qualities other breeds of trees - a pine, a fir-tree and a larch - thanks to the low density. Heat insulation of a cedar in 12 times more, than at a stone, a brick and concrete. The stablest wood - is not subject to a buckling, cracking.
  • Strong wood. On durability the cedar does not concede steel.
  • Qualitative wood - practically without knots that gives the chance to make boards more than 4 m long. The wood which is easily used in technology of construction. Does not contain pitch and gum - on it any covering perfectly lays down.
  • Beauty. Unique color on color - modulations from chocolate and dark brown to light-lemon and pink.
  • Moisture-proof material. Also ability of a tree to resist moisture absorption, to resist to rotting and penetration of various insects is exclusive. Not only the most beautiful get off with various profiles of a red Canadian cedar, but also the most expensive saunas and baths around the world.
  • Natural disinfector. As a part of wood is tuyaplitsin - natural antiseptics, killing microbes. The cedar contains a large amount of extractive substances - does not decay, is not subject to defeat by a fungus, a mold, wreckers. Cedar pitches very favorably influence the people having allergic diseases, immune deficiency, diseases of respiratory organs, and are also prevention of oncological diseases. Unique chemical properties of wood of a red Canadian cedar became a subject of many scientific researches.
  • According to experts, possessing properties antiseptics, wood naturally disinfects air, doing it almost sterile. It is saturated with the essential oils giving unique, balsam aroma. Among oils dominates tsedrin. Inhalation of these oils renders additional, improving effect.
  • Elite finishing material. The status of a red cedar as noble breed and objective constructive advantages do it very attractive to wealthy people. On big sites with beautiful types they build houses of the western red cedar.
  • Fine appearance, durability, high sound-proof properties and dimensional stability - all this the main advantages of the house from wood of a red Canadian cedar.

The Canadian cedar surpasses other analogs in the physical properties. The cost of square meter of a set of the cedar house makes from 2600 US dollars for 1 sq.m. Cost is 1 turnkey sq.m from 4500 US dollars. Are included in the price of a set of the cedar house: construct of the house (a wall, a partition, system of a roof, beam, overlapping, crossbars), windows, roofing system, fair finishing materials from a tree (a cedar, a fir-tree of Douglas), all necessary fixture and connections, a cedar flooring around the house.

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Wooden Canadian Cedar houses
Wooden Canadian Cedar houses
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