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X-ray diagnostic complex on three workplaces of MXHF-1500RF buy in Almaty
Buy X-ray diagnostic complex on three workplaces of MXHF-1500RF
X-ray diagnostic complex on three workplaces of MXHF-1500RF

X-ray diagnostic complex on three workplaces of MXHF-1500RF

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The x - ray diagnostic complex on three workplaces of MXHF - 1500RF is the multifunction diagnostic system for general usage in radiography, a radioskopiya and a flyuoroskopiya with a possibility of receiving a linear tomography meeting all modern requirements to quality, safety of use and providing high performance of work.

The ergonomic design and simple settings in use simplify process of receiving pictures, and allow to lower dose load of the patient.

MXHF - 1500 RF is equipped with the ergonomic control panel facilitating management of a x - ray diagnostic complex.


The device is run by the digital control panel which displays kV, ma and Mas, the APR (automatically programmable radiography) menu.

The diagnostic table for radiography and a flyuroskopiya provides full support of the patient throughout all radio graphic and fluoroscopic procedures with a possibility of an inclination from 90 ° to 15 ° down with an automatic stop in horizontal position.

The MXHF - 1500 RF complex is integrated with a rack screen snimochnogo devices and ensures synchronous functioning of system and a possibility of fastening of the amplifier of the x - ray image. Besides, screen snimochnoye the device is equipped with system of the sliding parking around a desktop surface for ensuring free movement of a table.

The system is equipped with the mobile collimator for work in the mode of a synchronous flyuoroskopiya in real time. The high - frequency generator ensures functioning of two tubes which are suitable for radio graphic and fluoroscopic operations, and can be equipped with system of digital radiology.

  • Ceiling fastening of a X - ray tube has the steady and strong platform designed especially for work under trying conditions with all diagnostic tables and Bukki as racks. Amplitude of the movement of a tube is sufficient for creation of broad range of aim positioning of a tube and the choice of an optimum angle of scanning. The system can be equipped with a wide range of generators (40, 50 and 65 kV) of different power for ensuring smooth operation of beam tubes. Different options, such as AEC (avtoekponometr) and function of a high - speed rotor can be applied.
  • The console of X - ray equipment can manage the choice in each operating mode and control, and also the choice and setup of conditions. These working conditions are transferred by means of system of communication to the generator of a high voltage.
  • The entrance tension of alternating current is converted into tension of a direct current by means of the single - phase two - half - period rectifier. Tension of a direct current will be transformed to the high - frequency tension (20 kHz) by means of the BTIZ converter. High - frequency tension turns into tension of a direct current (from 40 to 150kVp) by means of the transformer of a high voltage and the multivoltazhny rectifier. Tension of a direct current moves on a X - ray tube by means of a high - voltage cable and PWM INV controls tube tension. Change of tension of a thread controls current of a X - ray tube.
  • The high - voltage cable of a X - ray tube provides transfer of current from the generator of a high voltage to a X - ray tube.


  • Automatic correction of parameters, such as thickness, density of fabrics, speed of scanning and distance tube/detector.
  • Manual adjustment allows the operator to change the recommended values of kV, ma and time.
  • The possibility of self - diagnostics and the description of an error of system provides fast and exact initial diagnostics.
  • The compact control panel is ideally suited for operator rooms of the small size.
  • Automatic protection of a tube against overloads.
  • Automatic control of exposure (AEC) – the autoexposure meter – can support more than 4 detectors or ionic cameras.
  • The automatic stabilizer of brightness (ABS) creates optimum fluoroscopic images.
  • Support of one or two X - ray tubes only for radiography or for radiography and a flyuoroskopiya.

Technical characteristics of the device of x - ray diagnostic MXHF - 1500RF:



Rotary table support

Table sizes

213x75 cm

Table height

84 cm

Table design

Multilayer structure

Distance table/film

7,5 cm

Movement of a table

Manual. Movement in two directions

Table loading capacity

135 kg

Longitudinal movement

100 ± 50 cm

Cross movement


Blocking of a table

Electromagnetic locks

Management of blocking of a table

Buttons on all length of a table

Beeches table

High - speed

Bukki's movement table

103 cm

The general zone of radiography from the center to the center

161 cm


85 lines/cm, relation 8: 1

Size of cartridges

24х24 cm, 43х43 cm

Focal length

34 – 44’’

Rotation range

+ 90 ° to - 15 °

Size of films

14х14’’ (35х35 cm)


10х12’’ (24х30 cm)

8х10’’ (18х24 cm)

Table weight

320 kg

Energy consumption

40 kW (one phase, 220 ASSORTED, 50/60 Hz)


Rated current



500 G3O - 125 kVp


40 - 80 kW

Straightening type

single - phase two - half - period type of the rectifier with

use of a semiconductor element for a high voltage


50/60 Hz

Regulation type

single phase of a full wave

Console panel

2 kg


388 - 363 mm


22 kg

Fastening from a floor to a ceiling (A floor and ceiling rack)

Balancing mechanism

System of a counterbalance


Fixing from a floor to a ceiling

Height of ceiling fastening

248 - 299 cm from a floor

Length of a level of ceiling fastening

300 cm

Length of a level of floor fastening

350 cm

Maximum load of the vertical holder

55 kg

Vertical movement of a tube

150 cm (from 48 to 198 cm from a floor to a focal spot)

Cross movement of a tube

38 cm, with fixing over the center of a table

Longitudinal movement of a tube

250 cm

Rotation of a X - ray tube

±180 ° (with fixing at + 90 ° and - 90 °)

Rotation of a rack with a tube

±180 ° (with fixing at + 90 ° and - 90 °)


Electromagnetic locks on vertical, cross, longitudinal movements and rotation.

Management of movement of the holder of a tube

Buttons of management longitudinal, cross, vertical and rotary movements of a tube

The displayed parameters on the holder of a tube

Focal length and rotation of a tube around a horizontal axis


153 kg

Energy consumption

24B at a direct current

The movement under a table

The fixed type

Ceiling fastening (option)

Balance weight type

Spring balance weight


Ceiling fastening

Vertical movement

1200 mm

Longitudinal movement

3500 mm

Cross movement

250 mm

Rotation on a vertical axis

±180 °C manual stop everyone 90 °

Rotation on a horizontal axis

±180 °C manual stop everyone 90 °

Positioning indicators

Display on the double color LCD display with distance from a focal spot to a table and to Bukka racks, indicators of rotation of a tube ±90 ° on a vertical axis

Choice of automatic positioning

Longitudinal – 100 cm (40’’), 180 cm (72’’) to focal length of Bukki of a rack.

Vertical – 100 cm (40’’) to Bukka of a table

Cross – positioning of the center of a table

Power supply



135 kg


Collimator type

Manual and automatic

Lighting of the field

150 W, 24B

Lamp type

Galogenovy lamp, EXPERT 24B, 150 W

Illumination indicator

Less than 30 sec.

Average illumination

From above 160th luxury

Alignment of light


Own filtering

1.5 mm And 1 eq

Dose of dispersion of radiation

100 mr/ch/m

The minimum area of distribution of radiation at focal length of 100 cm

More 5kh5sm

The maximum area of distribution of radiation at focal length of 65 cm

More than 35х35 cm


6.3 kg

The motorized mechanism of the collimator is under a table

Vertical rack of pictures (Bukki is firm)

Standard type

Unrotative Bukki is firm with a counterbalance


High - speed

Vertical Bukki movement

129 cm (from 37 to 166 cm)

Vertical movement

Manual, it is completely counterbalanced

Distance from a film to the front panel

3 cm

Sizes of cartridges

To 14х17’’

Loading of cartridges

From left to right

Ostsillyatorny lattice

40 lines/cm, linear relation 8: 1


Electromagnetic locks

Weight of the left and right loading

145 kg

Rack weight

90 kg

Energy consumption


AXRI (amplifier of the x - ray image)

Standard 6’’ (option 9’’)

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X-ray diagnostic complex on three workplaces of MXHF-1500RF
X-ray diagnostic complex on three workplaces of MXHF-1500RF
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