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YM812i electrocardiograph

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The YM812i electrocardiograph (Medigate Inc, the REPUBLIC OF KOREA) provides precision measurement and the analysis of an ECG with display of data on the patient, reception of the medicines prescribed the patient and information on the doctor and the assistant.


High quality, convenience and usability

  • Use by one button for receiving an ECG, the analysis, storage and the press
  • Preview on the ECG LCD monitor of a signal reveals false assignment and alarm noise
  • The alphanumeric keyboard (an option - the PS2 keyboard)
  • Continuous record of 3,6,12 assignments in real time

 ECG control system

  • Using RS232, LAN and SD-Card (option), the ECG can be transferred from the electrocardiograph to the personal computer for further storage and data processing
  • Possibility of service of the Server / Client network. Software updating through USB port
  • Ability of the printing of the image (jpg, bmp)

 Advanced system of interpretation and analysis

The YM812i electrocardiograph has clinically confirmed program of interpretation of the diagnosed information concerning a rhythm, an electrical axis, change ORS, defects of conductivity, hypertrophic changes, ST-T of change, a myocardium infection, etc.


  • Multilingual menu
  • Built-in thermal printer of high resolution
  • The recharged battery
  •  ECG control system ( PC interface: RS232, LAN)
  • The alphanumeric keyboard (an option - the PS2 keyboard)
  • ECG memory (it is standard - 50 electrocardiograms). SD Card - 1 GB (option)
  • Monitor of 320х240 points
  • High quality and usability
  • Reception to 12 channels at the same time
  • The LCD monitor displays 3, 6, 12 assignments of an ECG of signals, preview of results
  • Advanced interpretation and analysis

 Technical characteristics of the YM812i electrocardiograph





115.17 mm (Sh) of X 86.37 mm (B) STN of mono ZhKD


 320 240 points

Computerized electrocardiograph

Storage of an ECG

The main memory – 50 electrocardiograms

Additional memory (by the separate order) – 5000 registration on the SD Card (1 GB)

Preliminary registration of signals

Provides registration of signals of the electrocardiogram received within 10 seconds

Dynamic range

Standard deviation of size of alternating current: ± 5 mV

Shift of a constant component: ± 300 mV

Frequency of pulse-amplitude modulation

1000 Hz

Frequency characteristic

от 0.05 до 150 Hz

Weakening of a cophased signal

100 dB

Entrance full resistance

> 50 M omega

Current of leakage of the patient

<10 myu

Connection with the personal computer

Connection with the personal computer via the RS232 socket and a LAN (LAN)

Loading of hardware and software

By means of a flash card (USB flash memory)


Alternating current: 50/60 Hz

Filter of the lower frequencies: 40, 100, 150 Hz

Main filter: 0.05, 0.16, 0.3, 0.5 Hz

The filter for elimination of an artifact of muscles

The writing device


Thermal flow of points

Data output speed

5, 10, 25, 50 mm/sec.

Number of assignments

3, 6 or 12 at the choice of the user

Sensitivity / Intensification coefficient

5, 10, 20 mm/mV

Speed error

± 5%

Amplitude error

± 15%

Paper type

Size (ShhD)

The thermographic paper put by an accordion

201x215 mm

Electric characteristics

Power supply

Alternating current or from the rechargeable battery

Power supply of alternating current

100-240 V 50/60 Hz, 110 BA

Type of the rechargeable battery

14.4 volt, 3.8 Ampere-hours, the rechargeable battery of a cylindrical form recharged nickel-metallgidridnaya

Safety locks

Quantity 2, 250 V of alternating current, T3.5AL in primary contour

Quantity 1, 250 V of alternating current of T10.0AL in the scheme of protection of the rechargeable battery

Battery capacity

200 one-page reports or 5 hours of continuous work (without process of the press)

Battery charging time

About 6 hours for completely discharged battery

Physical characteristics


385x367x101 mm


4.5 kg (including the battery) without paper

Environment conditions

Service conditions

Temperature range: 10 - 45 °C

Range of relative humidity: 20% ~ 95% (without condensation)

Atmospheric pressure: from 700 to 1060 hectopascals

Storage conditions / transportation

Temperature range: - 20 + 60 °C

Range of relative humidity: from 10% to ~ 95% (without condensation)

Atmospheric pressure: from 500 to 1060 hectopascals

Compliance to the established norms and requirements


Class I, with the internal power supply

Protection type

The CF type with protection against the category of a defibrillator

Operating mode


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YM812i electrocardiograph
YM812i electrocardiograph
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