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Yurta 8 rope with a diameter of 7 meters buy in Almaty
Buy Yurta 8 rope with a diameter of 7 meters
Yurta 8 rope with a diameter of 7 meters

Yurta 8 rope with a diameter of 7 meters

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Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandОшакбаев Сенбек ИП
  • Country of manufactureKazakhstan

8 rope yurta with a diameter of 7 meters, with a general area of 38,46 m of kV, 4,2 high
meter, the price of a set of a yurta of 650 000 tenges weight is 520 kg (to a kerega po24 kg * 8 pieces, uyk on 2,5
kg * 75 pieces shayrak 12 kg)
The yurta framework, wooden dver double - wing, ropes are included in the package (
lassos) 2 pieces, uykshalma of 1 pieces, covering 4 layers: white woolen tent,
raincoat fabric of dark color waterproof, thermofelt of darkly gray color,
and from above a cover white of dense woolen materialas external registration.

Covering for a yurta four layers;

1 layer tarpaulin white 2nd thread

2nd a thread, call a footer. a footer (or in a different way a futerovanny interlacing) — fabric from cotton. But there is one difference. In this case to cotton the special futerny thread, for people, profane persons is added to tailoring subtleties, it represents a usual small pile. Thus material becomes teplymvodastoyky.

2 layer raincoat fabric of dark color

Polyamide fabric raincoat fabric

have a silky surface, have the high durability and stability of a form, beautiful appearance. Are issued in wide assortment - from elegant platyevy fabrics to paltovy and special. These fabrics are non - hygroscopic, are easily erased, possess water - and dirt - resistant properties and a creaseresistance. A lack of these fabrics is loss of durability and color from long influence of a direct sunlight.

3 layer thermofelt of darkly gray color

Advantages of technical felt

It is possible to carry to the main pluses of this nonwoven fabric:

  • high thermo - and sound - proof properties which were already appreciated both by producers of furniture and mattresses, and the experts working in automotive industry;
  • durability which is provided with resistance of felt to deformations, wear resistance that guarantees a high operational resource of the products created with use of this material;
  • the safety consisting in environmental friendliness of material, its low ability to decay and also immunity to attacks of fungi and pathogenic bacteria.

4 layer white tarpaulin 2nd thread

Folding and combined yurta in a metal framework.

The yurta made by us, in a metal framework from four to sixteen ropes with a diameter from three to twelve meters.

The yurta of the 8 rope quickly gathers and easily the person within 50 minutes understands by forces cheterekh, and also on weight it is not heavier than a wooden yurta of the corresponding size. The metal yurta after comparison from a wooden yurta strong, is steady against wind loading. Design and corner of an obtekayemost of the top part of a yurta good. Conveniently for transportation and storages.

The yurta consists from: shanyrak, uyk, kerega.

Shanyrak - it is a yurta dome;

Uyk - connecting shanyrak and a kerega part of a yurta;

Kerege - ropes, that is yurta walls.

The 8th the rope yurta with a diameter of 7 meters, with a total area of 38 sq. m. weighs 520 kg. The yurta consists of eight to a kerega, each of which in a collected state makes width of 30 cm, and stretches for 2,5 meters at assembly of a yurta that conveniently in transit and storage.

Kerege among themselves fastens plugs and in the top part special "fingers" for fastening of the uyk connecting with shanyraky are established to a kerega.

Kerege is made of profile pipes of 20х20х0,9 in size. To one kerega gathers from 24 pipes, the different size. Each pipe by means of machines is given the form then fasten among themselves 57 bolts.

Uyk is made of pipes with a diameter of 20х2 with a length of 3,5 meters. The eight - rope yurta requires 75 pieces of an uyk. Each uyk is given the form and the top part of an uyk "finger" with a diameter of 10 mm, 100 mm long for insertion in shanyrak is welded. The lower part of an uyk is inserted into the "finger" established to the top part a kerega.

Shanyrak is made of pipes with a diameter of 25х2. After giving of a form of a shanyrak with a diameter of 1,6 meters it is also evenly bored through openings with a diameter of 12 mm for an insert of the top part of an uyk with observance of a bias

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Yurta 8 rope with a diameter of 7 meters
Yurta 8 rope with a diameter of 7 meters
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