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Zernosushilka the carousel SKU (5-16 t/h) buy in Kostanaj
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Zernosushilka the carousel SKU (5-16 t/h)

Zernosushilka the carousel SKU (5-16 t/h)

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Zernosushilka the carousel SKU (5 - 16 t/h)
It is intended for drying seed and foodgrain, seeds of sunflower, leguminous cultures, colza, herbs, etc. The dryer SKU - 10 is completed with the heatgenerators working at liquid fuel or gas. The mass of the dryer — to 8 tons. The dryer is transported to the consumer by large blocks of factory assembly by two onboard KAMAZ - 5320 with trailers. The dryer does not demand the bases, installation and construction works. It is established on the hard - standing space (9 m of X Yum) within three days. The dryer easily is placed in the KZS complexes instead of the worn - out mine or drum dryers Performance in 1 hour of the main time at decrease in humidity of grain of wheat from 20% to 14% : at the seed mode not less — 5 t/hour; at the food mode not less — 10,7 t / chasosnovnye the dostoinstvaekonomichnost and low cost Simplicity in service (1 persons) and installation (6 persons/days) Quality and reliability of the design The technology of drying consists that the half - meter layer of grain on the trellised carousel platform is blown from below by the powerful flow of warm air. Grain in the lower part of the layer in process of drying separates and removed from the dryer, and from above the layer is automatically supplemented with wet grain. Air, passing through such layer, completely uses the thermal energy, and temperature of grain reaches admissible and that only from below, for a short time.
This. the technology is ideal for preserving of quality of seeds and economy of fuel. The dryer works in line, continuously, loading, drying and unloading happen at the same time. The dryer has 6 speeds of rotation of the platform and dries for one pass grain practically of any humidity. The dryer works in the semi - automatic mode under supervision of one person irrespective of its qualification. Performance that it could be compared to other dryers, is given on grain when drying from 20% to 14% of humidity, i. e. in "planned" tons, seasonal development — in physical tons. ASSEMBLY DIAGRAM. Camera сушильнаяВоздуховодВентиляторТеплогенераторТАУГорелка blochnayagbzhpult upravleniyaprivod karuselizagruzochny elevatorzernoprovodpitatel The daily performance observed in farms to 200 planned tons, and it is practically more, than at the KZS - 20 complexes, is reached the Polish dryers M - 819 by threading of process. The dryer SKU - 10 brings grain of any humidity to 14% for one admission, and stops on loading and unloading of grain happen only when changing culture. Specific fuel consumption corresponds to world level, but in small farms it can be still reduced by decrease in temperature of the heat carrier (air) and according to performance. At the same time in the heat carrier the share of heat received from the atmosphere will increase. In warm weather about 20 t in days of grain can be dried up without lighting the torch. The specified benefits of the dryer SKU - 10 are confirmed with results of tests. They are reflected in the Protocol No. 05 - 23 - 98 of the Kaliningrad state zone mashinoispytatelny station. In the Protocol lack of essential constructional shortcomings is especially noted. Important benefit of the dryer, according to consumers, is its small height and the fact that all process of drying takes place on the type, in any point it is possible to select grain test. The dryer is delivered to the consumer by five blocks of factory assembly and is given to complete availability for service per day. She does not demand the roof, the bases, installation and construction works, only the hard - standing space 6×9 is necessary to m. The dryer easily is placed in the KZS complexes instead of worn - out mine or drum dryers. The dryer by request is delivered with the fan, both the right, and left rotation. The dryer SKU - 10 is not the construction object, but the agricultural car. It it is possible to have in the grain store or on fur. to current without project and approval of supervision bodies.
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Zernosushilka the carousel SKU (5-16 t/h)
Zernosushilka the carousel SKU (5-16 t/h)
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