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Zharochny furnaces of the TURBO (drying and roasting) buy in Astana
Buy Zharochny furnaces of the TURBO (drying and roasting)
Zharochny furnaces of the TURBO (drying and roasting)

Zharochny furnaces of the TURBO (drying and roasting)

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Zharochny furnaces of the Turbo work by the principle of "the boiling layer". Process of frying of a product happens in a suspension (due to operation of the pressure head fan of a high pressure) at a temperature up to 220 °C. The cycle of roasting of one loading (about 50 kg) of nuts makes till 20 min., sunflower seeds (about 30 kg.) till 18 min. Productivity of the zharochny furnace of the Turbo - 80-120 kg/h. *

The furnace of the Turbo consists of a frame, the cart with a zharochny chamber, the pressure head fan, the block of heating, a cyclone, air ducts, the control panel.

The Zharochny furnace of the Turbo is used mainly to frying of nuts and sunflower seeds. The principle of operation of the furnace is based on frying of a product in a stream of hot air, in the so-called "the boiling layer". Such way of frying allows to fry evenly a product and to exclude its podgoraniye, as at contact with a hot surface, in gas drum furnaces of direct heating. The system of supply of hot air is girdled by air ducts and supplied with a vortex cyclone for sedimentation from air of garbage and a peel. The furnace of the Turbo is equipped with the regulator of temperature of frying and automatic equipment of protection against an overheat. Quality of roasting is controlled by means of a product sampler. The furnace of the Turbo is served by one operator.

Advantages of the zharochny furnace of the Turbo

  1. Contactless (with a hot surface) frying of products. It allows to avoid a podgoraniye and the pollution of products (especially blanched nuts) which is present at gas furnaces of drum type.
  2. The cyclic operating mode allows to fry small parties of various products, and the sampler which is built in a chamber - to make an operating control of quality of roasting. In practice the operator of the furnace can fry quickly and without loss a bag of a peanut, almonds, pistachios, sunflower seeds.
  3. The rolled-out cart allows to unload quickly fried product and to fill up a bag of a crude product. The cart if necessary conveniently is cleared and washes.
  4. Working surfaces of the furnace of the Turbo are made of stainless steel.

Technical characteristics of the furnace of the Turbo:

Operating mode continuous
Average productivity to 120 kg/h
Volume of a zharochny chamber 110 liters
Frying temperature to 220 °C
Supply voltage 380 V / 50 Hz
Fan pressure 1200 Pa
Fan power from 5,5 kW to 11,0 kW.
Power of heaters 2 blocks on 22,5 kW
Protection class IP 10
Dimensions (length x width x height) 1460 x 980 x 2800 mm
Weight no more than 450 kg

* - productivity is given - a minimum and a maximum on a crude peanut and depends on a number of indicators which can change according to:

  • humidity of raw materials;
  • raw materials temperature;
  • surrounding temperature and humidity in the working room;
  • the required degree of roast of the final product;
  • stability of tension in a power line.
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Zharochny furnaces of the TURBO (drying and roasting)
Zharochny furnaces of the TURBO (drying and roasting)
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